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Bullish on Banking

In this interview with Richard Hunt, the “Cajun Banker,” we talk about everything from the current regulatory environment, to predictions for M&A activity in the next 5 years, to why he views now as the golden window for banking.

The Last of the Walled Gardens

In Europe, Open Banking is the latest iteration of digital transformation. But what about trends in the US? How can banks and fintechs respond to the rapidly changing landscape, and meet increasing consumer demands for ease of use and interoperability while maintaining security?

Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is a broad topic, and one that brings up a lot of personal emotions. We think that because we are consumers ourselves, we should be able to design great customer experience in our own organization. After all, we know what we like and appreciate, and our customers all want that too – right ? 

But, it’s lot harder than that, as banks and other financial institutions know all too well. In this series, we’re taking a look at what’s right, what’s wrong and what we can expect for the future of CX as banking shifts towards a customer-centric, digitally driven model.

Putting Customers First

The way we think about customer experience has changed dramatically in recent years. For banks with legacy systems to wrangle, adapting to change does not come quickly or easily. Hear how First Interstate has approached a top down change to customer engagement, and how that comes to life in the field.

In Their Own Words

Customer experience means vastly different things to different people so Eric hits the road – polling attendees at the Consumer Bankers Association’s annual conference. In this episode, practitioners and industry professionals weigh in on their customer experience initiatives, biggest CX challenges, and more.

Artificial Intelligence: Welcome to the Machine

Artificial Intelligence seems to be popping up everywhere. From smart speakers to virtual assistants in our phones and apps, AI has been affecting our consumer lives for years. In the financial sector, it’s here to stay – but not everyone really knows how or where it will live.

In this series on the technology we love to love (and love to hate), we speak with AI-focused business consultants, an influencer with an antagonistic take on AI, and a bank that has implemented voice banking through Alexa. Listen in as we discuss key takeaways for planning your next AI initiative, and how to determine if the technology is right for you.

Banking With Alexa

KayCee Murray, SVP of Information Technology at Numerica Credit Union, discusses her experiences leading Numerica into the realm of voice banking through Alexa. But like all pioneers, KayCee and her team learned a few things the hard way.

Ready for the Robots?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword for quite some time. Banks are announcing AI-enabled programs, but how does that actually play out in financial services?

Minds in the Machines

Artificial Intelligence conjures up a wide range of images in the collective consciousness. From killer robots to mechanical galactic overlords, we are fascinated with – and fearful of – sentient machines. Is that rooted in reality, or is the application of AI more mundane and (perhaps) beneficial?

Digital Transformation is Still a Big Deal

Open banking. Customer permissioned data. APIs allowing deeper bank/fintech partnerships. If you thought your institution checked the ‘digital transformation’ box when you launched online or mobile banking, think again. The financial landscape is changing at a dizzying speed, and “transformation” takes on new meaning every day. Listen as we dive deep and learn how leading companies are embracing the changes.

Reflections on a Year of Open Banking

In the UK, Open Banking and the revised EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) have been heralded as the sea changes that will benefit everyone’s finances. They were officially launched on January 18, 2018. Fourteen months on, what has come of it?

The Last of the Walled Gardens

In Europe, Open Banking is the latest iteration of digital transformation. But what about trends in the US? How can banks and fintechs respond to the rapidly changing landscape, and meet increasing consumer demands for ease of use and interoperability while maintaining security?

Financial Inclusion: Promises and Problems

Huge numbers of individuals lack access to basic banking services – 1.7 billion adults worldwide have no access to banking services of any kind, according to a recent study by the World Bank. In the US, nearly 1 in 4 adults are without banking services or are using alternative means like payday loans and check cashing services to get by. How are fintechs and banks addressing this market opportunity, and what are the risks?

New Information Has Come To Light

In this episode Zach Tondre, Director of Strategy for the Digital Economy at LexisNexis, joins host Eric Hathaway to discuss the importance of alternative data to complement traditional credit reports and to inform lenders about potential new customers.

American Dream or American Debt

Sangram Vajre has quickly built a reputation as one of the leading minds in B2B marketing. Sangram’s path to success hasn’t been easy, however – he immigrated to the US at the age of 25, with no credit and $350 dollars in his pocket.

Financial Reality on a Global Scale

We often take financial services for granted, especially when we have ready access to things like credit cards and bank accounts. But there are billions of people who do not have that access, making them susceptible to all kinds of situations that the rest of us never think about.

The Fraud Arms Race

The proliferation of technology and the potential financial gains for fraudsters are creating new and frightening approaches to fraud. Fraud-as-a-Service and fraud-for-hire groups are growing, while artificial intelligence looms in the background as another potential game-changer for fraudsters in their targeting and data mining efforts. Billions of dollars, thousands of hours, corporate reputations and individual emotions are all on the line. What are the solutions available for fighting this war on fraud, and how are banks and fintechs responding?

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

In this bonus episode, Eric speaks with an individual living in the Atlanta area who was a victim of identity theft. Their conversation explores how financial fraud gives companies the chance to deliver excellent customer experiences – or terrible ones. Listen and learn what financial institutions, retailers, and the rest of us need to do to get it right.

Stories from the Front Lines

Eric wraps up this fascinating dive into the world of fraud with Jared Dirkschneider, Senior Business Manager at Capital One. In this episode, Jared shares insights and anecdotes from a career spent battling credit card fraud.

A Whole New World

Gary Fan, founder of blockchain-based payment platform Ivy, joins the podcast to talk about how fraud is being addressed now and into the future through emerging technologies.

No One Thought We Would Get Caught

Not every fraudster wears a black hoodie. Hear the heartbreaking story of an individual who committed financial fraud from within an institution – how she got there, why she continued and when she knew that she had changed her life forever.

Data Breaches For Days

Data breaches are the new normal. Kevin King, Director of Product Marketing at ID Analytics, speaks to how and why we should be planning for an increased volume of ever-more sophisticated attacks, and provides insight into the minds of malicious outside attackers.

Its A Scary World Out There

Eric and co-host Garrett talk us through the scary facts of fraud, and provide a glimpse into upcoming episodes. from fraud-as-a-service to commoditized fraud, the fraud marketplace is growing and the bad guys have some significant advantages in the field.

Introducing The Finance Frontier

Financial services veteran Eric Hathaway riffs with guests and industry experts in this freewheeling take on the trends happening in financial services. With an emphasis on the latest developments impacting retail and commercial banking, Eric brings a refreshing voice and perspective to the issues that keep financial professionals up at night.


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